First Post and why?

A couple of weeks ago on Twitter there was a list of 101 educators to follow. There wasn’t many that looked at child protection or safeguarding issues, so “Talk for Teaching ” or @PaulGarvey4 suggested that I compile a list. (thanks by the way for giving me the push I needed). This made me realise how isolating the Designated Safeguarding lead role is. The role requires you to attend a biannual training where you hope to meet likeminded people in the same boat but we all have different of roles ( Headmasters /Deputies /Assistants) and although a DSL has to be a member of the senior leadership team, this can mean a variety of things in different schools. Some DSL ( normally prep / junior schools) have a full timetable and have to juggle everything on top their teaching load.  Others have a team who support and help with the endless paper work or phone calls. The CAF ( Common assessment Framework)alone can take hours to fill in depending on what county you live in. I have started the list but there as so different people that I follow for different topics. If you read the KCSIE March 2016 ( look out for the new edition in September ) then the topics a DSL needs to know all about include : E safety, FGM, CSE, Domestic Abuse, Prevent and radicalisation, Mental health ( including self harm) and the areas of abuse, Physical, Emotional, Neglect and Sexual.  Not only do we need to be aware of the issues, we need to consider how we are training our pupils and staff, so PSHE and support ( counselling for example) is also relevant.

I must admit that I am a bit nervous about writing this blog. To start with I am dyslexic and feel a little exposed writing. I am concerned about what others will think, especially with all the publicity with trolls and the negative image that teacher especially seem to have on twitter but sometimes you have to challenge yourself and face your fears. But the purpose of these blogs is to discuss some of the many issues a DSL has to be aware of/ deal with and implement. Hopefully at the same time I can learn something, maybe help someone else going through similar challenger and conquer a fear. So here goes ….. about to press post ….. fingers crossed.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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