KCSIE July 2016 – DSL list of jobs #safeguarding 

My Bank holiday was spent reading through the new KCSiE to implement for September ( and a bit of shopping and relaxing…… Working on my work/life balance) I can image that every school has viewed the document in different ways. There are new points added that I am sure some schools do already and other aspects which could be new to us all. Here is my list of things of things to either check or do:

Things to read up on:
Early help
HBV – so called honour based violence
Missing child and adult strategy ( but hopefully the update in sept will clarify this further)
Update in September for CSE
Peer on peer abuse – CEOP

Things to train staff further on:
HBV – so called honour based violence
Further training on on line safety
Peer on Peer abuse
How to report child abuse to your local council ( especially as we are on the boarder of three different councils)
Other whistle blowing channels
Record keeping
Once Annex A is complete staff in close contact with pupils are suggested to read it
Everyone needs to read part 1 of KCSIE July 2016. ( so I will attach this to their play slip again but will bullet point the key changes on the front)

Things to check are in the safeguarding policy:
Everyone’s responsibly and best interest of child and anyone can make a referral
Raised profile and responsibility for Governors
Peer on Peer abuse and how it is identified
Abuse is rarely a stand alone issue, other behaviour is often linked.
Clarification that Whistleblowing can be on teachers, Headteachers and Volunteers.
sexting + the school approach to it

Things I will need to collect evidence for:
Staff now have to have annual updated training, but this can be a mix of inset, emails or further reading.
DSL need to have evidence of annual updates with safeguarding issues

Things I need to make sure are covered in PSHE lessons:
On line safety
Peer on Peer abuse

Those in charge of the SCR ( what a job that is) have done the same but will have a different list, but if you are a DSL and you have been busy reading the KCSIE, please let me know if you think I have missed something.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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