CAF in different counties #safeguarding

Filling out CAFs is bad enough when you know what you are doing, ( it is about 15 pages but can be more or less depending on the number of people in the family) but if the child comes from a different county then it’s almost impossible. My school is in the middle of three counties, most students go to the county that the school is based in and therefore the training that I have followed. In this county when you are thinking of starting a CAF, you phone to check if one has been started, if it has great ( you don’t have to be Lead professional) and you just add a section of info and targets and may attend a TAF meeting. If they don’t have a CAF, you do an assessment, send it off await to find out if others need to be involved, organise a TAF meeting, set targets, and then get comments from the family and child.  This process can take 6 weeks, longer if it crosses over a holiday. You then have review meetings, reconsider the targets and send of the updates.

I am trying to start a new CAF for a child who lives in a different county. I tried to start this last week, phoning who I thought I needed to, although they work part time, after two messages on answer phones and an email they returned the call and gave me another number, and told me the different terminology that they use, it also sounds like they follow a different process. Phoned the coordintor and they only work part time, so again left messages and email but as yet I haven’t had any contact. I haven’t need managed to ask anyone if the student has a CAF in place yet?  Feel like this is going to take longer than 6 weeks.

We are a boarding school and have some oversea students, dread to think how the process would go if I ever had to fill out a CAF for one of them!

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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