Endoftermitous #safeguarding

Symptoms include:

Overreacting to even the smallest issue
Being Rude to people
Passing the buck
Being very tired – all the time
Having too much to do in too little time
Attending lots of last minute social events which would normally be lovely but……
and lots of moaning

In some cases can cause absence from school, however this is very rare. The illness does not discriminate with gender or age and can affect both pupils, staff and parents. Normally if the child has been infected then other members of the family will also be suffering, although the symptoms could be different.

Designated Safeguarding Leads and the team can be infected very easily as they will come in contact with several cases. Casees ( or referalls) will come inIMG_0687

  • that wouldn’t normally meet the threshold of a concern.( is this staff worried that if something isn’t done now the student won’t be able to cope over the summer holidays, or just that everything seems terrible at the moment)
  • as children’s behaviour has changed. ( is this due to tiredness or something more sinister?)
  • as staff are concerned that something is wrong, but can’t put their finger on it, so better write it down ( especially as that child has a new form tutor next year)

DSL sift through all this information, making sure its documented and all the paper work is filled in correctly.  This could damage the DSL immune system and effect their positive outlook.

Ok I jest, it’s not this bad and staff are excellent at making the judgement on when to make a referral. But experience has taught us that 3pm on a Friday is when most students will disclose something, so imagine what the end of term or year could bring, especially in a boarding school.

That is why I have found Twitter so helpful.  Not only does it make me realise the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and other DSL are going through exactly the same thing, it gives us tips on how to cope.  Great ideas and top tips such as #teachers5aday or #21daysJuly are fun ways to offload without moaning all the time. It almost feels like new year resolutions, providing optimism. This morning is all about things on your desk. Which brings me to my top tip and the photograph.  To get through the tough days I keep photos on my phone of things that I love and enjoy. I am partial to Irish coffees and have been known to have one at lunch ( I know, lunch time!) while on the ski slopes ( good for the ski knees).  Excellent medicine for endoftermitous ( Irish coffee is for parents and staff only of course!).

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

One thought on “Endoftermitous #safeguarding

  1. Well said Cheri. That end of term comment that you normally would ignore but bite back. The tiredness that makes you make decisions based without enough thought! But having moved out of boarding a year ago- I now realise quite how much more this takes out of you! So hats off to all Boarding house parents

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