Summer blogging goals – inspired by @TheWorldISeeNow

I really enjoyed reading Sare @TheWorldISeeNow and her goals for the summer. Her first one particularly hit a nerve. So inspired, I have written my own goals.

Goal one: be braver. Like Sare I have always been worried about who would read my blog posts. I imagined pupils, parents or colleges reading my posts. But on reflection, pupils lives are far more exciting and interesting to read anything to do with safeguarding or child protection, I have a few parents who follow me on Twitter but I am not sure they read my blogs and colleges, well most aren’t on Twitter and those that are ( hello) haven’t comment yet so either my posts aren’t relevant to them or they are so dull that no comments is needed. Hence my goal be brave. That doesn’t mean controversial or unprofessional, but I can defiantly push myself a little more.

Goal two: remind myself what the purpose of the blog is. I started the blog to try to get DSL to share the burden of their job. Not sure I have succeed yet.  Although I have highlighted and sometimes moaned about the issues of the role, I am not sure I have connected with many other DSL and actually discussed some of the issues and how we can move forward. Either I need to find the DSL on Twitter or I need to encourage other DSL to join Twitter. I have however found many useful tweeters who care about safeguarding and raise some interesting points.

Goal three: use the summer to write all the posts that I put on hold. I have a list of ideas of what I wanted to write about but never got round to it, either because I was so busy that I didn’t have the time or more than often the topic is a little sensitive either for me or the students involved.  So I hang fire.  But now in the summer and with reflection I can write about the topic and how challenging it was as a DSL to move forward. This relates to goal two. The whole point of blogging for me to a to reflect on how I dealt with issues in what can be a very isolating role and to hear what others have done. To hopefully learn.

Goal four: to participate more in groups discussions and put comments on other peoples blog posts. I need to step out of my comfort zone. This includes different age groups or topics that I have no idea what they are talking about. It’s still education and can effect pupils and their mental health and often brings up safeguarding issues.

Goal five: to write blog posts about books / courses and articles that I have found interesting form a safeguarding point of view.  This will mean reading more, which initself is a goal. On holiday I tend to switch of completely but then during time I tend to read books which have nothing to do with my day job just to switch of. The job can get a little suffortcating so holiday time has to be the time when I do outside reading. I have already bought @Andy_Buck book Leadership matters.

Thank you Sare this has been good for me and just for you ( and one of your goals) I have added a photo from my holiday that I thought was artistic. So off to read a book. Thank you for reading this.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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