What is sex actually? And why would you want it on the beach #pshe

The bar lady smiles at me, as if she has heard this question before. 10 or so people around the bar snigger. Well…… I turn to my 9 year old daughter who had just asked the question and start explaining the basics.  The sex bit, not the beach bit. She looks at me and nods.  Then says, “ok that’s enough for now, when I have more questions I will let you know, mum” She runs of to climb the climbing frame.  I turn round to the bar lady to pay and her face is one of surprise. My 13 year old son tries to explain. “My Mum teaches PSHE”. And then he turns to me and says, “you are so embarrassing”.

I realise I am embarrassing even though I don’t mean to be. In fact I have spoken to to the Head of PSHE and planned what to do when my son gets to the topics I cover. Domestics abuse, consent, Abortion, Adoption, recap of contraception. It’s not quite the same as your Mum or Dad being your maths teacher, which is embarrassing enough. They are important topics, which I don’t want him to miss out on. Obviously he has me nagging him at home, but we all know you never listen to your parents. And from the bar lady face not many parents actually explain key issues. Which is exactly why PSHE has to be taught at all schools.

P.S I had a Margarita.  I am sure I could make a joke about the sand and sex but I would only be embarrassing.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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