Trolls – are woman our own worst enemy #feminist #pshe

I was really upset with two recent stories in the media. People who are role models to our students, who have so much power who don’t even realise it. The first was Khloe Kardadian who posted a pictures of a 19 year old actress back side, when the bikin was accident,moving to the side and showing more that anyone would like to, referring it to as a hole.

They obviously had some kind of debate but really, Khloe, I thought you would be better than that ? The second was more upsetting, a Playboy girl, I actually don’t want to give her the credit of looking her up in the web, posted a picture of someone at the gym in the changing rooms not wearing  any clothes and adding the comment , if I have to see this then so do you, And posted it for all her snap chat followers.  She posted an apology saying that she didn’t realise it would go to all her followers and she only meant it for her for her friends but I don’t really  think she understood why people where upset.

People are upset because she is a role model. It’s bad enough worrying about what we look like without our own sisters judging us.  There has been plenty of press about trolls recently and from my experience Woman seem to be the worse. They are the ones who have commented on my blogs, and nasty comments.

Perhaps I missed the memo but I thought that sisters were meant to lookout for each other. And if I spent all my time on the web I would feel very down. But today I spent 4 hours sitting at a Spanish beach and I realised that life isn’t all bad. I saw woman of all sizes and I mean all sizes. All proud of who they were  and even better I saw older woman walking arm in arm, normally in groups of three talking and supporting each other. These need to be our role models instead of some naive and thick premadonnas who think they are better than everyone else. I would love to invite any of the Kardashians around a school and show them what real life is like and what different they could make, if they put their mind to it.

If I am honest with you I normally feel uncomfortable with some of the groups like #womened because, why do we need groups like these, why can’t we just be the best that we are no matter what gender we are and all support each other. I have experienced my fair share of sexism, but I am honest with you they have been from idiots and well what do I care what idiots think. But from females, these comments are hard to take. I don’t cover this in #pshe but perhaps I need to.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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