#Safeguarding app, what would you put on it? #KCSiE TopTip for #DSL

This year I asked all departments to put safeguarding on their agendas. I was hoping that it would get them thinking about their own safety and how they can look out for signs of concerns with the children.  Some subjects found this easy, i.e. English knew when reading a certain book with challenging topics that it could produce some disclosures. Other subjects struggled to add something constructive to their minutes but persevered and put down some valid points. What I wasn’t expecting was suggestions back to me on how to help them. Ideas such as access for non teaching staff to certain bits of information or how to make their space safer ie windows without coat hooks.

One great idea came from a Head of Department. She pointed out that all staff have iPads so why not have an app that has the most recent version of the KCSiE, so they can always refer to it, instead of having a version somewhere on your desk. It also means that you know you are referring to the recent one.  Fantastic idea.  I went to my ICT department and they started to look into this. Instead of an app,  it’s just a shortcut to key info. ( but then I am not ICT literate, so when they started explaining this I got a little confused).


Staff have loved this idea, and inspectors noted that staff referred to is constantly and confidently. In fact one auditor said they would steal the idea and use it in future training. I have also designed one for the pupils  ( in purple).  This is more of a “what to do it you are worried” , or if you need to get help. I don’t think this has been as successful, pupils haven’t really used it or seen the need to use it ( something for me to review this year).

I have the latest KCSiE, the school safeguarding policy, including the names and details of the safeguarding team, top tips on Child Protection, YPSI ( or sexting) advice sheet, schools esafety policy, visitors calendar to book them in and check for their DBS and links to the following:

What has been great has been the access for DSL’s.  As stated in the KCSiE, a DSL should be contactable whenever there is a sch activity. This includes, holiday trips, fixtures and late night trips to the theatre.  A DSL ( or their team as we are on a DSP group email) would not be sitting at their desk during all of this time however we all have our IPADs and Iphones and have downloaded the app.  This means that we have basic info at our finger tips.

So if you were going to design an app, what would you have links to?

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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