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Thank you to everyone who helped suggest some questions for my safe survey. Today I introduced it to the school. Here is my assembly and the questions, hope other schools will find it useful. I am using Monkey Survey to collect the results.th2i2qtljq

Good morning please sit down.
I would like you to think about feeling safe and what that means to you. Obviously I think that being safe is important. So important that you may have noticed a purple icon appearing on your ipad called safeguarding. This highlights what to do if you have a safeguarding concern. Tips like who to talk to if you have concerns regarding your own safety or the safety of others, such as your friends. I sure you have all had a look at it and not deleted it. But the word safe isn’t just related to safeguarding. Some prefects would like to talk through what Safe means to them.
Prefect A:
I am safe because I know first aid, and although I have never done it I feel I would know what to do if I needed to put someone in a recovery position. I am also a lifeguard so feel just as safe by water, although would still check lifeguards advice especially by the sea. I am excited about learning to drive and realise that driving safely is important.
Prefect B:
I am safe because I try not to put myself in unhealthy risky situations ( well I am part of the CCF, so have jumped out of an airplane) but I never do silly things like cross the road without looking. I go out with my mobile phone and make sure it’s topped up with credit. I also know my phone number off by heart so I could phone home if I needed to. I think I know how to phone for an ambulance if I needed it. If I was going out with my friends, I would tell someone like my parents where was going and when I think I am going to be back and I would look out for my friends. I wouldn’t leave them behind; we look out for each other. I also look out for my belongings, like my mobile phone and money especially at events like tonight’s fair.
Prefect C:
I am safe because I live in a comfortable home, with a roof over my head and parents who may nag but care for me. I watch the news and see refugee parents put their children on a small crammed vessel to get away as they think that this is safer than living in the conditions in their country. My safety doesn’t depend on my gender, religion or skin colour. I don’t have to be part of a gang to feel safe on the streets.
Prefect D:
I am safe because I am confident and happy in school. I am not bullied and if I was I know where to go. Although the lanyards seem funny, On a day like today with fair, there could be lots of people walking on the site and I like the fact I know who is part of our school. The work is hard but if I don’t understand I am not scared to ask for help. I have listened carefully to the esafety officer and I am safe on line with consideration of fraud and bullying. This clip puts into perspective how lucky I feel.

As the Prefects have kindly highlighted the word safe means a variety of things to different people. The teaching staff want you to feel safe in and out of school, but we need your help as obviously we aren’t everywhere and don’t know how you feel. So we would like to do a survey. This will be emailed to you this afternoon so you can do it in your own time. This survey is important and I hope the results are going to be a fair reflection of what the school is really like. This is one of the many opportunities you have to be honest, when your views will be heard , but this isn’t your chance to complain and moan about small issues. The clip hopefully will help you answer the questions with perspective. The pupil forum which the Head boy and Girl introduced on Monday is another way of suggesting ideas on how to improve the school, however this survey will be confidential. It will ask your gender and year group but only to help us analysis the results. The questions aren’t that complicated but if you do need help, please see your form tutor. We would like to know if there is anywhere you feel uncomfortable in school, or who you feel you can talk to. We also would like to hear your ideas on how we can solve any of the concerns you have raised. The last questions asks “ what skills the school has taught you to stay safe?” and you may want to think about topics covered in PSHE or Citerzinship or reminders made in assembly, for example the Senior Deputy Head highlighting safety advice for tonights fair. Some at the top end of school may feel that they can’t relate to the questions, you have been here so long that everywhere feels safe ( great) and this seems like a big fuss over nothing. But then hopefully you will consider as you are going through the questions how others may perceive your behaviour or language. Are you doing anything that makes others feel unsafe? Your jokes may seem intimidating to younger years. I am hoping that this will help us as staff help you but will raise awareness, that being safe is everyone’s responsibility. Please fill out the survey and be honest.

Here are the questions we are asking.
What does feeling safe mean to you?
Are there any occasions when you do not feel safe in school?
If Yes where?
Do you ever feel uncomfortable around school?
If Yes Why?
What can the teachers do to help with this?
If you have ever told the schools of any safeguarding concerns, did they deal with it effectively? yes / no
If not, why?
Who in school do you feel that you can talk to? Please list them in priority. Eg Tutors, teachers, Nursing staff, Prefects or Chaplin.
What skills has school taught you to stay safe? Eg make sure your phone is always charged and that you have credit.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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