Have you got your head around the new Child missing education guidance? #safeguarding

1-jpgAs a DSL you should have received your guidance from your LA on what to do if a child is missing from education. It took me a little while to get my head around it as there are some statutory requirements and then there are other points which are best practice. There are also confusing aspects involving different staff within school who may not normally have contact with Social services or the police. It is also very different from other safeguarding requirements as you contact the LA that the school is based, not where the child lives.

Here is my summary of my LA requirements. Hope it helps other DSL. Any advice / comments well received.

The Registrar will notify the Childs local authority when they are about to remove a pupil’s name from the school admission register, unless it’s at standard transition age or the pupil has completed the final year of education normally provided by that school.

The Registrar will make reasonable enquiries to establish the whereabouts of the child jointly with the local authority, before deleting the pupil’s name from the register. Reasonable enquiries could include, making contact with the parent, relatives and neighbours using known contact details; checking local databases within the local authority; checking with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and/or the Border Force; checking with agencies known to be involved with family or home visit(s).

The Registrar will also notify the child local authority within five days of adding a pupil’s name to the admission register at a non-standard transition point.

Where a pupil has not returned to school for ten days after an authorised absence or is absent from school without authorisation for twenty consecutive school days, the pupil can be removed from the admission register when the school and the local authority have failed, after jointly making reasonable enquiries, to establish the whereabouts of the child. This only applies if the school does not have reasonable grounds to believe that the pupil is unable to attend because of sickness or unavoidable cause.

Where a parent notifies a school that a pupil will live at another address, the following information will be recorded in the admission register:

  1. the full name of the parent with whom the pupil will live; b. the new address; and c. the date from when it is expected the pupil will live at this address.

Procedure for deleting a pupil from school register:

If the school is aware of the pupil’s destination and have confirmation of the new educational placement and that the pupil has started at the new provision, the school will complete the ‘Deletion from school register – Destination Confirmed Form (Independent Schools)’ and send to ……….

In all other cases where the school is unaware of a pupil’s destination and/or the pupil and families whereabouts–, the school will make initial investigation to the pupil’s whereabouts. The ‘CME Request for LA EWO Intervention Form (Independent Schools)’ will be completed and sent to ………………

When a parent elects to home educate the school will notify the Local Authority and will send the ‘EHE School Deregistration Form’ along with a copy of the signed parent letter, to the Elective Home Education Office at  ………….

It is recommended that LAs require the same information on children leaving or joining the school at standard transition points, which occur when a child of compulsory school age begins school at the start of the first year or leaves at the end of the final year of that school.

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