Ever had a night were you can’ t sleep #safeguarding

I am sure you have.

That night when you lie in bed thinking about the conversation you had with that pupil.  The one were their behaviour has changed, they are removing themselves from their old friendship groups.  They are being short and grumpy with staff. You ask if everything is ok? they look at you as if you are mad and say yes everything is fine. But something didn’t feel right, still …….. they denied anything was an issue.  You tried a different tact but no the child promises they are ok and there isn’t a problem. You try something different ” well if you did have a problem, is there someone in school that you can talk to?”  again they scrunch up their face and say, well there isn’t a problem so why would I talk to someone.  You wonder if something isn’t right at home.  Do you phone home? if could make matters worse especially as right now you only have your gut and you don’t actually know what the issue is, or even if there is an issue.

But then you get an email from the Mum, ” My son/ daughter told me that you spoke to them about problems they are having, well they aren’t having any, they are just grumpy teenagers, but thank you for caring.” ( alright I have summarised but you get the drift) At least the child is talking to someone at home, even if it doesn’t sound the most supportive atmosphere.

But I am still here up writing a blog post at 7 mins past midnight because….. well…….. I don’t know. Ok I need a plan, something to set mini goals with.

  • I have already talked to the form tutor and they are willing to help although at the moment all they seem to be doing is asking the pupil to remove illegal jewellery etc. As an SLT, I can take away this pressure ( task) and give the form tutor a fighting chance to build a positive relationship with this child.
  • I can also maintain contact with the pupil, perhaps she doesn’t trust me, which is why she won’t open up.
  • Maybe its worth following up with the Mums email and finding out why she feels her son/daughter is grumpy and how can we help with this? Let her know our concerns and what triggered the conversation.

I feel better, thank you for listening.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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