Why do we need a central recording system? #safeguarding

Here is one example ( albeit a poor example I have picked on purpose) of why I feel a central recording system is vital.

Day One – middle of the night, police contact sch to ask for details about a pupil they have concerns about. They give school reference number but no details.

In afternoon DSL phoned police for more info, put on hold. Told someone would get back to me but their are no Child protection concerns.

Parent leaves a confusing message with  school – school contact parent, spends 1 hour on phone. Arranges a meeting for the next day with relevant parties in school.

Day Two–  DSL phones police, told that issue has been refereed to Social Services. DSL phones Social Services ( not local team so no known contacts).  Put on hold for 15 mins. Told no, child is not know and report from police has not come through yet.

1 hr Meeting in school with parent, DSL and support team. Mum informs us that local GP is also aware and has made a referral – to who she couldn’t clarify.  DSL suspects CAMH.

Day Three– DSL phones Social Services, put on hold for 14 mins. Child is still not know to them and no referral has come through from police. Apparently it can take 3 – 4 days for police referrals to get to Social services!

Phone and email contact between parents and school support system.

Day Four – DSL phones Social services, put on hold for 20 mins.  Child is still not know to them.  They suggest that DSL contacts parents and gets permission to contact GP to find out what they have done.

DSL phones parent, no answer.  Sends email requesting permission to contact doctor to find out who they have referred to.

How much time have we wasted collectively?  I don’t just mean the DSL but the social worker that answered the phone, was I wasting her time, when she could be answering the phone to someone else who needed it. More importantly how are we helping the child? How easy would it be for this child to slip between the stools ( of support)? This is why I feel having a central place to record information would a great move forward and I cannot understand why in this day and age with technology developing at this pace we don’t have something in place already?   So please sign the petition, and help us, help the child.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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