Twitter is full of things I don’t understand #slowchat #SLTchat #teacher5aday #WatercoolingWellbeing

An acronym that I then have to spend time research, or topics that prove far to intellectual for me although every now and then I can contribute, a bit like watching university challenge and getting excited when you get a question right. Then there are the twitter debates. I loose track of who is saying what and it starts to look a little bitty and snappy. Could be the 140 character restriction but I am not convinced. Are you Trad or Prog? Whose better primary or secondary and don’t even mention independent or grammar schools. I am not sure what the purpose of these debates are? I go on twitter to learn, expand my CPD but reading these comments make me feel out of my depth. I would rarely add my two pennies into the conversation and tend to unfollow these controversial accounts. Not because I don’t like them, I just don’t get it? Are they being this way to get more followers? Or prove a point and have everyone agree with them? There also seems to be a lot of negativity and this isn’t healthy. 

However I like the chats, both the fast paced half an hr slots and the slowchat. These seem to be focused on a topic so I can opt in or out and sometimes do some reading before hand. These chats also seem to be a little more supportive of staff and contributors. Perhaps because there is normally a host or because there are a lot more people involved so your comments are seen by sometimes thousands. It’s from these chats that I get inspiration, little tips on how to be better, like the #cupoteashred or the #WatercoolerWellbeing. A perfect example is the picture attached which I saw on twitter and have used a lot with MH and homesickness has helped with several of my girl boarders.

Twitter could so easily turn into a popularity competition but as my mum used to say ” being popular doesn’t always make you better, only you can do that”. This could be my insecurities coming out now. So I need to remember why I am on twitter, to improve myself and listen and be inspired by all the great Tweeters. And boy are there loads. I have really enjoyed building connections and hearing inspiring people who are passionate and excited by their job. Anyone else feel like this?

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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