Quiet night in the boarding house or is it? #iloveboarding 

It never rains but always pours. Isn’t that true?  Especially in a boarding house. The night you have plenty of time and nothing on your todo list ( I know I know, when is that ever the case?) boarders in the house seem to just get on with it. But the moment you have reports or phone calls to parents to make then everything seems to blow up. A younger student is struggling with prep and needs some help. Yr11 are stress about the French speaking exam which went terrible and she is worried that’s a sign for how all the rest of the exams will go. She is struggling to calm down and cries every now and again.  Another student is having issues with her Mum, she wants to talk it through with you, and so does the Mum who is phoning the duty mobile number. And then another child had a sore throat. This sounds like an average boarding night and then a child knocks on your door and asks “have you got a moment?”. You listen to her worries ( which takes more than a moment) and you are concerned that she isn’t coping. Her mental health seems low. Your now concerned and encourage her to book a counsellor appointment the next day. But that doesn’t stop you worrying. So much so that you can’t sleep. You get up through the night and just check that she is ok. She knows you have checked in her and slips a note under your door the next day. Simply saying thank you. She got some help, feels a bit better……. and so the next evening starts. 

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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