Dress the part?

What should a doctor look like? An inspector? A teacher? A counsellor? A politician ? A newsreader? All role models ( supposedly). professional I hear you say. What does that mean? Suits or smart? What one person thinks is smart, is overdressed for another. Obviously you need to be able to do you job and comfortably. So if you teach very small children I am guessing you need to bend down without worrying about exposing yourself or splitting your tight pencil skirt. I like dressing smart, what I wear for an interview is what I wear everyday. I am a firm believer that your interview is a reflection of you, so your interview lesson, answers and dress should be what you are everyday. I also wear heels and I know that this isn’t everyone cup of tea. I have talked about this in a previous blog post. https://designatedsafeguardinglead.com/2016/05/12/why-do-i-wear-heels-shortgirltwitter/

But then should you dress this way all the time? If I was seen in Tesco or on holiday, can I wear what I like? Crop tops or tight tight shorts? If i knew that I would be bumping into students, should I dress differently? I often say in my safeguarding training that being a teacher is a bit like being famous but without the money ( or the wardrobe) and how we dress is one part of this. However we need a life. 

What about on our birthday or at a sisters hen do? When pictures will be taken and plastered all over social media accounts. We all know that we don’t have control of what others post. Even if we can untag ourself or set every possible privacy setting. So for example I have just been for a run. I wear black tight leggings and a baggy Tshirt. I just saw some pupils who obviously were shocked that I actually have a life outside of the classroom. Took photos. I am guessing that I don’t look that glamorous. Do I stop and make a big deal out of it? They all know that they shouldn’t take photos without another’s consent. We cover this in our sch pshe lessons. But then if they did this when I was on the beach, I would be livid. So what is the difference? There isn’t really. So I did stop and made a joke out of it. But reminded them of what they have signed at sch and that I trusted them to delete it straight away. I went into teacher mode. Yet I was standing there not in my “professional smart wear”.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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