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As a boarding housemistress I have watched my fare share of rubbish with the girls but Love Island seems to be taking it to a completely new level.  To summaries, single people go to an Island, walk around in very little clothing, talk about each other behind each others back and pair up so that they don’t get eliminated.  There is lots of talk about kissing ( or first base) and I think it would be fare to say that many of them are described as horny. They have to share a bed with the person that they have picked but obviously this could change as the series progresses. The couple that win are the ones who are together at the end.  The public can also tweet in suggestions on who should go on dates etc. It is as bad as it sounds. Obviously they have chosen controversial and larger than life characters to boost ratings, but you honestly will be in disbelief for most of the hour.

I ask my boarders, what happens if a girl gets with another girl instead of pairing up with a boy and there was slight confusion, apparently they have all been interviewed and no one going on this is gay. I asked but what happens if they fall in love with someone of the same sex, but I was quickly shot down, this would never happen apparently.

So what have I learnt so far:

Bikinis really can be that small, still stay on and look uncomfortable.
That some woman have more that 3 Bikinis ! ( its been on a week and some girls have a different one for ever day so far.)
Some people have a type and think they stick to it – “I only like brunettes” said one male contestant on his arrival but then fancy every girl.
Girls, If you want to get married, don’t exercise in your bikini,” marriage material ” wear grey t-shirt”.
Some people randomly say “I am a polar bear” in the middle of conversation, still don’t know why. And apparently asking if you like Onions? is a good chat up line.
Some boys really do think everyone fancies them! And they don’t need to graft (?) for a date.
Everyone is horny
Everyone judges each other and has preconceptions.
Looks are the very important.
If you read a book then you must be really intelligent and therefore sweet!?!

I almost cried with despair until one of the couples were dared to kiss and when they accepted the dare, checked and double checked with each other that each are giving consent.

This is on for an hour every night. As a boarding community, we sit and laugh at the ridiculous comments, or gag at  the boy who declares that ” literally everyone in the house fancies him”. But what about the many teenagers who don’t discuss this and this is their life lessons. This is how they learn about relationships. And this is why we need GREAT PSHE.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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