Woman body size – what is perfection?

As with most woman I have an issue with my size. I don’t like it. I work hard to make it smaller, perter and less bumpy. I often look in the mirror and hate what I see. Whale comes to mind. I choose clothes that make me feel better but often hide my stomach, bum ……..well anything.
So imagine me sitting in the beach. Or walking up and down the beach, which has to be considered the ultimate catwalk. A swimming costume doesn’t hide much. In fact it points out a lot. The wrong cut on the bottoms can be very unflattering for your bum. Those draw string things seem to only highlight the extra inches on my hips, and some of the pants these days seem designed to go right up your bum, not sure how this can be comfy. It is stressful I cannot deny but my family love going and I love seeing my family playing in the sea and sun so I go.

We have been a few times this holiday but today I realised a few things.

0. Everyone is different and the same. We all have wobbly bits and out of proportion bits.
0. I don’t look at people faces on the beach to see how beautiful they are, shame on me.
0. Laughter is lovely, beautiful and infectious.
0. Those that were smaller didn’t seem to be happier. They were the same. And those that were larger didn’t seem sadder. Size had no reflection on their smile.
0. I don’t think any less of the larger ladies or skinner ladies or the ladies who love their bodies and are showing of their pert boobs.
0. With so many other people around, who is really going to look and judge me?
0. My husband is still sitting next to me.
0. There is a feeling between all beach participants that we are in this together and that whilst we might not look as we wish that’s ok.

So although I can’t stop beating myself up, I can try and stop worrying and enjoy the sunshine, something I promise I will do.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

One thought on “Woman body size – what is perfection?

  1. Great piece, Ceri – please stop and enjoy the sun and the cocktails. Don’t judge yourself, you look great. And it’s up to us to change the script for the next generation through role modelling healthy self-talk! x


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