DSL summer jobs #safeguarding #KCSiE

Ok I have had my holiday, I am brown and relaxed, read a few books and spent lots of time with the family. I still have a mini break organised for the end of the holiday but I am starting to think of all the things that I need to do specifically as a DSL for the start of term. Here is my list, hope it helps others DSL but would love to hear if there is anything you think I have missed.

⁃ update filing cabinet, remove any student who have left over the summer. Transfer the Uni students and document their names. Those that are at other sch, check I know what sch they are going to and prepare the recorded delivery envelopes to be posted for the first week of term. I would hate to post details only to find out the student had changed their mind and either went to a different sch or stayed with us.
⁃ Review new students and prepare letters ( with the registrar) to be sent out to their old sch. Again I don’t want to request this to early. Check that I have a review deadline with the registrar in the diary so we don’t miss anyone.
⁃ Review the safeguarding policy and any other policies that have a safeguarding thread. Check that new info ie staff names etc is uptodate and that any new policies are referred to. There doesn’t seem to be a new KCSiE but there are a few other documents that I should check up on. ( in fact this could be a whole sub section in itself)
⁃ Check that the website etc is uptodate
⁃ Prepare inset for start of term ( this can take some time)
⁃ Check Voluntary MHFA inset for staff before term starts is all ok, room, food etc.
⁃ Catch up with the safeguarding governor.
⁃ Set the dates for the DSP ( designated safeguarding persons) meetings so staff can plan around it and it won’t be squeezed in
⁃ Check all posters are correct and that you have printed of more so staff redoing classrooms will put up the posters YOU want, this includes the anti bullying policy and where to go to get help.
⁃ If implementing anything new this year, check that it works, or you understand how you want it to work. Prepare a handout explaining it for the staff room notice board. Step by step guide if need be.
⁃ Update safeguarding folder or app so all the most recent info is on their for staff.
⁃ Review current students and book catch up sessions with sch staff, for example if that child has been on a sch trip or had a new form tutor.
⁃ Check emails/ phone messages and record in child file
⁃ Check all new staff have either had their CP training or have booked a slot before they will be with children

I am sure other things will crop up but as I am waiting for my son to finish football this has cleared my head and given me a plan, now to get on with it.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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