A day in the life of a boarding housemistress #Iloveboarding

6:45am wake up my own children, check they have done homework ( I know, I know should have done this last night)

7am cup of tea, check emails and start replying to any parents with their daughters weekends plans

7:30 wake up the girls, normally while brushing my teeth. Unlike the housemaster in the Harrow documentary I am still in my PJ’s at this point. It can be a challenge to wake up 30 or so teenager although many girls have been up for half an hour straightening their hair.

8am hand over to my housematron, we have a diary and comment book for info but its still great to talk face to face as some students info is confidential and is more of hunch.

Then walk to breakfast with the boarders, today there are FAB mini juices to look forward to.

Lessons start at 8:40

4:20 /30pm ( start the night shift) hand over from housematron. Find out what the boarders have been up to. This also includes time to collect their washing and order any packed lunches for the weekend. Many of the pupils are involved in after sch clubs so it can get a little confusing working out, who is where.

6pm boarders tea ( love the fact that I don’t have to cook or think about what to cook) 

7pm Prep starts, today we have to build a cell for biology, revised for French speaking test, write letter from the front line as if we were a solider in WW1, draw their ski rack model in Solidworks ( luckily I am the DTE teacher that set this so that easy) and also prepped for a AS politics paper the next day.  The L6th help with most of this but I still get the unusual request for things like teabags to stain the letter to make it look old!Printer normally jams at some point during the evening or we run out of paper. Just the normal everyday events but involving lots of students all stressed about their work.

Prep finishes around 8:30 /9. Tonight some of the boarders are off swimming and have lost their swimming costume.

9pm LoveIsland is on.  Break times are filled with bed time for the younger years and any last minute searches for PE socks or signing homework diaries.

10:30pm everyone should be in so I can lock up. This is when the ” chats” normally happen. A student may be worried about their exams, friendship issue or their future.

11:15pm Finally get in PJ’s and go to bed, although sometimes the doorbell will go in the middle of the night………….


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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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