Refresher Training #DSL #Safeguarding

Just come back from my refresher training and here are my notes.  I have removed points which are county specific but hope it helps. Many of these I will blog post a bit more about as I start to implement,

Make sure you are aware of who your EHAM is– Early Help Area Managers ( new Locality Managers), and make contact with Family Link workers. They will be of great help.

Check that you have all the right documents on your safeguarding notice board like “What to do if you are worried “ 

GDPR – May 2018, advice from LSCB will be out soon.
Basic points are: If we are starting a CP file then we should let parents know.  They have the right to object but we have the right to continue to keep and update file, but the objection should be noted and recorded.  Gillick still stands senior sch students.

Some good online training suggested for DV/DA

Check in our policy – MASH number and what we do for out of hours contact for the DSP

Have we practiced the Panic alarm procedure?

MASE/MET – new acronym to be aware of Missing and Sexual Exploitations meetings.

PSHE resources:
BLAST project – for grooming of boys
My new friend – good video
Alright Charlie

Staff training resources:
Drugs, county lines
How safe are the apps  or

Check all phone numbers are up-to-date, I had three numbers to change.

40% met the threshold- check DSP are using the threshold document and using these in referrals
Only phone the number of confident it’s a safeguarding issue
If unsure contact EHH. Do form if safeguarding non urgent ( not phone)

Consent is now needed to start an EHA ( not like the old system of offer and if they turn it down three times then start one automatically) however if parents have turned down the EHA and we are really concerned then send the form in with the question of seeking advice.

Further reading : Criminal Exploitation of children and vulnerable adults: county lines guidance July 2017

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

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