#Safeguarding #Wellbeing list of who to follow

Thank you for your suggestions for this list, but I still feel I am missing people. I was hoping to share this with my DSP team and area teams, so if you think someone should be on this list, please let me know.

who to follow

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

2 thoughts on “#Safeguarding #Wellbeing list of who to follow

  1. Hi – I came across your site from your link to it on Twitter. We’ve just launched a site specifically there to support DSLs with information, training packs, direct support and more.

    I’d be really interested in hearing from you and showing you through our materials. Lots is free and is about getting information out there and easy for DSLs. The training packs put it all together in bite sized chunks to deliver to your school. We’ve kept that element really low cost – £99 per term – but high in value with a growing list of audit tools, CPD articles and a two year calendar of reminders and training packs to keep safeguarding high on the agenda without taking over your life!!

    The site is safeguarding.network, click the resources tab to see the range of information available, visit the domestic abuse page to see examples of the training packs (feel free to download and use!)

    Looking forward to hearing from you, perhaps in the new year!!


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