Women 100yr vote, my assembly #pshe

maxresdefaultI must admit I can’t get my head around why woman could never vote. Why couldn’t woman have a say in who runs the country that they live in. So I did a bit of researched. From what I could find many of the arguments were focused on intelligence and emotions or how the two can’t be mixed, well at least woman apparently struggled to separate the two. Here is what I found. This is not my words.
It’s too complicated for them. Women are not supposed to take decisions or influence others.
I am a woman (aged 30), and I have to agree that we (women) are too emotional and not rational or logical enough to have the right to vote. Most women are intelligent but we allow our emotions to take over and we don’t often think straight. Men are often naturally more level headed, rational and logical and understand politics better that women do.
Straight women should not be allowed to vote. Only masculine women should.
Heterosexual women are too emotional to vote. Women, for the better parts of their days, live in a fantasy world and whichever candidate makes them “feel” good at the current moment will get the vote. Whomever can get the most hand claps in a crowded arena is enough to take the straight woman vote. It is very little about the politics.
Other comments were more on fairness.
Women need to start doing their fair share
And that includes all tasks that are usually the burden of men. Women can’t be drafted or serve in combat positions. This is so unfair. Why should men have to risk their lives for others who aren’t doing the same.
Women should not be allowed to vote because many of them don’t respect men, or contribute as much to society.
You can imagine some of my thoughts to these comments but what if I told you that they were written in 2017. Even though 100 yrs ago some woman gained the right to vote in some elections is still seems to be a contentious issue. So lets break these points down. I am sure you can think of men and woman equally in politics or education who are emotional and then the same goes for those that seem rational and logical. Being a woman or a man doesn’t mean that you fit into one box. And that goes for being straight or gay. There are emotional and rational characteristic in us all, no matter what gender, race or sexual identity.
In previous assemblies I have mentioned that it makes me sad that the word Feminist is seen as such a bad thing when it’s true definition is the belief of woman’s and mens right to be EQUAL. A notion that even Trumph struggles with, in his recent interview he stated very clearly that he was not a feminist, saying “ I think that that would be, maybe, going too far. I’m for woman, I’m for men, I’m for everyone”. So he is a feminist. An example of an emotional not rational thought. I will leave that for you to consider.
Woman not respecting men is an interesting topic and one that often comes up in the press when discussing any gender issue. The presidents club men only event was met with comments such as “ well what about the hen do’s” Today the abuse for woman who do speak out politically is horrendous and scary. The comments rarely focused on what they are actually saying, more about the fact that they are talking. Some would say that the trolls themselves are being emotional about it, perhaps they are a feminine man. In History and in classic literature Woman had only been heard to speak either as a victim or to defend their homes, their children’s or the interest of others. Even way back in History, the Romans for example it seems that woman rarely stood up to speak on the behalf of men. Those that did, seem to be considered freaks or of a manly nature.  Queen Elizabeth 1st apparently said “I know I have the body of a weak, feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England”. So woman who do understand politics ( and there are plenty out there) are often not listened to, but judged for being a woman.  This can make it hard to hear what they are saying. I can see you all now thinking, but our prime minister is a woman, what is Mrs Stokes complaining about? Well I looked for words to describe our last two PM. Mrs May was described as, self contained, icemaiden, bloody difficult, feisty, headstrong, shrill ( she has had voice coaching to try to lower her voice), mother, bombshell, sassy, emotional, bossy, kitten heel wearer and glamour’s. Not sure if any of those could be considered positive for politics. David Cameron was Arrogant, Charismatic, competent, honest, intelligent, opportunist and a Statesman. A mix of positive and negative, but do any of them comment on his appearance or physical characteristics?
And as for Fairness. Men do pay more tax than woman, a lot more. However 80% of men work in the UK and 70% of woman work. So men must be paid more ( therefore in a higher tax band) and there are more men in full time employment, which may explain why. Woman can fight and do on the frontline for our country although this is not in every country. America allow woman in combat roles in the Navy as pilots but are reviewing this at the moment.
Perhaps the question should be are women making the most of the right to vote, well in 2015, 67% of men voted and 66% of women voted. I realise I am getting emotional about this topic and I won’t apologies. It is something that I am passionate about, the right for everyone to be considered equal and have a say. Perhaps this clip can explain things better you can’t


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