Short skirts can’t give consent can they? 

Many would have seen the sky news reporter saying that drunk girls who wear short skirts should take some responsibly for sex attacks. My head, as was many other fantastic tweeters, was spinning. I thought we had moved past this victim blaming. And then a female co presenter ( I think she presents the weather) agreed with him saying ” why would you want to wear a short skirt, for fashion? Well I am fashionable and am wearing trousers!” My head exploded at this point.

Where do I start? First of all. Consent : how is wearing an outfit consent to rape? It might be the girl would like sex that night but I am pretty sure it won’t be with anyone. Maybe she has someone in mind that she fancies and yes maybe that outfit makes her feel good and feel sexy and she hopes it attracts the man that SHE likes but even then if she attracted him she might not want sex that night or even that week.

What’s next -low tops? Tight trousers? High heels? Not all men like short skirts. So if someone is a “breast man” and you wear a low cut top are you asking for it? So woman would have to wear high neck tops, loose trousers, no makeup and smell badly for us to be safe and take responsibly for our own safety. But no that doesn’t work either. When I go running in trainers, all back and a bright yellow high vis jacket with sweat running down my nose ( and sometimes other bodily fluids) I still get comments from male bystanders. So I can never win. If a man is raped do we ask what he was wearing? No. There was a great tweet recently showing articles of clothing that woman where wearing when they were raped or groped. Nothing that I would call proactive. So news sky reporters your argument makes no sense. And I am sure that I have seen the weather presenter in tight dresses or low cut tops. So you are talking selective gobbledygook.

And what message are you sending out to men now. If a girl is drunk and wearing a short skirt that’s ok, do what you want with her ……. NO NO NO. Most men know that you need consent and act with the right moral compass. But there are those that would have heard this report and thought ” yeah girls are responsible for what I did to them. I had no control. It’s all their fault” And this is what scares me the most. The only one to blame is the rapist. Sorry there is no buts……….
If you are forcing yourself on someone then you are to blame. No matter what she was wearing or how drunk she was. There is a clue in the title. FORCING YOURSELF.

To end I added a collage of high heels that I like to wear, and just to be clear none of them give consent to anyone for sex unless I say YES.

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Assistant Head ( DSL) at a boarding school. Interested in all PSHE and safeguarding topics.

4 thoughts on “Short skirts can’t give consent can they? 

  1. I agree entirely a woman dresses to please herself. Men should be taught to respect a woman no matter what and that No means No. There are cases of rape in a marriage and I strongly think that when a wife says no then the husbands should respect that also.


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